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The Court Funds Office

The Court Funds Office provides a banking and administration service to all civil courts in England and Wales, accounting for money paid into and out of court and looking after investments made with that money, and has done so for over 300 years.

In total, the Court Funds Office has circa £2.8 billion1 of funds under management and over 184,000 accounts1 – many of them belonging to vulnerable customers, such as young children that have been awarded damages in civil actions.

In early 2014 the Court Funds Office chose to extend their business relationship with NS&I Government Payment Services by seven years.

1 As of December 2019

"Working with NS&I Government Payment Services means working with a dedicated and professional team that brings a strategic focus and commercial knowledge to the relationship. Any government department who is looking for a payment services provider should take the time to consider what NS&I Government Payment Services has to offer. They are serious contenders."

John Little Deputy Accountant General and Head of the Office of Account General Responsible for the Court Funds Office Service

The challenge

  • Satisfying business requirements
  • Increase control and automation
  • Improve business reporting
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce costs
  • Significant efficiency savings
  • Reduce operational risk


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The results

The Court Funds Office has achieved its key objectives:

Cost savings

Total cost reduction to over 40% while delivering a step change in the reliability of operations.

Risk management

Significant reduction in operational risk through robust, resilient and flexible systems fronted by a workflow package that gives a single customer view.

Oversight and assurance

The Court Funds Office oversees the quality of customer service and operational delivery by monitoring key performance indicators.

Results focused

Against a target of 97% achieving results of:

  • 99.3% for timeliness of payment processing
  • 100% for general correspondence
Source: Operational delivery report, December 2019

What we enabled by migrating to a modern, scalable and robust banking system:

A reduction in staff numbers from 164 to 411 through improved processes and workflow management. NS&I Government Payment Services staff now provide a dedicated expert account management capability.

1 As of January 2020

Significant efficiency savings through changes in working practices, with further efficiencies identified. Clear processes, training and communication packages ensure working practices are consistent, audited and compliant.

The migration from old Court Funds Office systems to new NS&I Government Payment Services systems led to increased control and automation with reduced errors and improved customer service as well as improved business reporting.

Partnering with NS&I Government Payment Services has provided Court Funds Office with the opportunity to explore increasing digitisation, using modern systems and processes proven through NS&I’s retail business.

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