Home Office Payment Processing

Supporting government targets through savings and efficiencies

Home Office Payment Processing

The Home Office Payment Processing Service (HOPPS) manages some 667,379 applications per annum1 from people seeking to enter or stay in the country each year, with associated payments worth more than £382m per annum1.

Immigration applications receive intense scrutiny from MPs, the press, and the public, and the service requires high standards of efficiency and delivery to retain confidence.

11 April 2016 – 31 March 2017

“We maintain a strong collaborative relationship with NS&I. In NS&I we have a delivery partner that continually seeks to maintain service excellence, whilst also looking to innovate and improve.”

Carol HenthornCommercial Manager, Home Office

The challenge

  • Reduce processing complexity
  • Increase processing capacity
  • Improve operational capabilities


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The results

The Home Office has achieved its key objectives:

Specialist advice

A strategic partner in banking and payments procedures, NS&I GPS are able to provide future advice about technology change.

Responsive and collaborative

Developing strong working relationships to enable better quality solutions to be formulated for operational issues and capabilities.

Detailed management information

Forecasts are more accurate, saving unplanned costs for extra temporary staff, while maintaining excellent service to clients.

Speed of deployment

Enabling the Home Office to transition to a new contract early meant real-time cost savings and a simpler contractual arrangement with a central government agency.

Support government targets

Working towards the government’s targets of encouraging interdepartmental efficiencies, and re-use of public assets.

Savings and results

Operational costs have reduced by 10% over the contract period. Current service level agreements have been met and exceeded, reflecting efficient delivery.

Supporting government targets through savings and efficiencies

NS&I GPS staff are becoming involved in the entire first-line operation. The team opens application packages, captures
data, checks documents, enters records on the HOPPS system, processes payments, and repackages the applications to the right workstream handlers for Home Office assessment.

Providing extensive management information via an online portal. Based on the number of processed applications that the team is handling NS&I GPS are helping make forecasts more accurate, avoiding any additional costs and delays.

Efficiency and staff productivity targets are being met or exceeded. The Home Office business targets are more accurate; and temporary staff are more cost-effectively aligned with workload.

NS&I GPS have also managed a highly successful and rapid technology refresh and digitisation.

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