Project and performance management

We strive for continuous improvement to ensure we meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Committed to quality

We put continuous improvement and performance management at the heart of everything we do.

Continuous improvement

We use the LEAN management system to embed the ‘kaizen’ philosophy of constant improvement into our daily operations.

Our LEAN processes are based on five key elements:

1. 20 keys of office kaizen. This long-term planning and assessment tool is designed to improve team capability and performance in 20 key areas.

2. Daily work group meetings. These provide feedback on the previous day’s performance, and focus teams on the priorities and challenges for the day ahead.

3. Short interval leadership. This technique helps team leaders take a more hands-on approach and deal with issues as they arise.

4. Kaizen action sheet. This captures ideas for improvement and sets out actions to achieve them, giving all team members the opportunity to contribute.

5. Primary visual display. This displays key performance measures for each team, along with updates on results.



Performance management

PACE is a data-driven forecasting and performance management toolset, supported by a set of management behaviours.

Process work-rates and volumes are captured in the tool and drive resource planning and productivity management.

This is supported by a set of eight behaviours that we expect our leaders to display and develop with their team.



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