Model office

We will create a working prototype of your processes so that together we can build a robust and practical solution

A model of cooperation

Our Model Office approach is progressive, flexible and transparent. We work with you in close partnership to identify, develop and implement your solution. This allows you to keep tabs on progress every step of the way.

Model Office minimises risks by building a working prototype to test and adapt functionality at every stage of development. The Model Office environment reflects your live operations as closely as possible.

Our highly collaborative methodology comprises three key phases:

  1. Understanding your requirements. Together we clarify your needs and identify the best way forward.
  1. Evolving the solution. We work with you to develop your solution, in order to:
  • provide complete transparency and confidence
  • guarantee quality at every stage
  • put customer-centricity at the heart of the solution
  • bring together the people, systems and technology needed to test the customer journey
  • implement changes in real time
  • allow comprehensive sign-off procedures
  • achieve rapid turnaround
  1. Preparing for go-live. Our carefully managed implementation process provides reassuringly solid processes and governance.


Dedicated on-going support

Once live, a full range of support services is available to you. These include:

  • dedicated account management
  • continuous improvement
  • audit and assurance
  • change management
  • training and development
  • reporting and insight


Everything you need to know about working with us.


Project life cycle

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