Customer Experience Lab

The NS&I Government Payment Services Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) showcases our services, how we can enhance customer experiences and the improvements we can make to your business.

The NS&I GPS Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) is a place where we can collaborate with clients.

In a controlled environment, we bring together people, processes and technology to observe, test and evaluate the impact of our services on our clients’ customer experience.

Central to our CX Lab work is the prototyping of customer journey maps, which effectively allow our clients to position customers at the heart of their organisation’s experience.

The CX Lab operates in three ways:

1. Visualisation

The CX Lab showcases the importance of good customer experience, taking its role to a strategic level.

2. Development

The CX Lab enables the prototyping of customer journey models in collaboration with clients where testing and refinements can be made in a controlled environment.

3. Model Office

The CX Lab brings together a full range of the business applications, processes and people to demonstrate how these combine to generate the customer’s experience.


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CX Lab

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