NS&I Government Payment Services new corporate brochure is now available

NS&I Government Payment Services (NS&I GPS) new corporate brochure, ‘Transforming Transactions’, is now available to download. It provides an overview of the state of digital transformation in the public sector, highlights the services we provide to UK government departments, and outlines how our innovative payment processes and solutions are cutting costs and transforming the way citizens transact with government.

Who should read it?

To quote John Little, the Deputy Accountant General of NS&I GPS client the Court Funds Office: “Any government department who is looking for a payment services provider should take the time to consider what NS&I GPS has to offer.” In short, the new brochure will be of interest to any senior decision maker looking for new ways to improve how they handle payments to or from citizens.

And why?

NS&I has over 150 years of public service heritage, and handles over 74 million1 transactions annually, with more than £167 billion2 invested and 46 million2 accounts. We have a long and successful track record of delivering secure, robust and scalable financial transaction systems that place the citizen at the centre of the experience.

NS&I GPS was formed in 2010 to offer the benefits of this investment to other government departments, creating savings for the taxpayer. This enabled other parts of the public sector to access our modern banking engine, experienced people and honed processes, securely and at scale, ensuring we deliver these services directly to the citizen in a digital by default way.

The government services we provide are Help to Save (HMRC), Help to Buy (HMT), Court Funds Office (MOJ), Tax-Free Childcare (HMRC) and 30 hours free childcare (HMRC).

What you’ll discover

Digital transformation is changing the way citizens interact with businesses, government and each other. Increasingly, consumers expect to be able to manage their lives online, whether it’s buying the groceries, booking a holiday or paying a parking fine. And increasingly, they expect the same quality of digital experience from private and public sector organisations alike.

As a leading public sector payment services provider, NS&I GPS combines a responsive and adaptive business model with resilient and robust standards to deliver low-risk, value-for-money payment processes. The brochure outlines the processes and technologies we have in place to enable citizens to connect with service providers via a range of digital and offline channels at any time of day.

Putting the citizen first

We have built our transaction processes around the citizen, whose requirements form the starting point for the journey through the NS&I GPS payment system. Our Customer Experience (CX) lab is staffed by experts in customer experience design and technology, putting citizen needs at the heart of our approach to effective service design.

John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service, mentioned in a speech in February 2017 the Government Transformation strategy 2017-2020 and highlighted a ‘key area of opportunity that we need to grasp is improving the experience of the citizen.’

The new NS&I GPS brochure provides an overview of the work that we do at the CX lab, and how this work has led to the development of our six-step CX optimisation process.

“One third of business leaders said they are not discussing their customer experience and feedback KPIs at board level on a regular basis.”
Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry survey 2016

A trusted partner

NS&I GPS are already trusted by several government departments to create world-class finance and banking solutions.

We provide payment processing services to the Home Office, HM Revenue & Customs, Ministry of Justice and have worked with HM Treasury. The Court Funds Office (CFO), part of the Ministry of Justice, has over £2.8 billion3 of holding funds under management and provides a banking and administration service to all civil courts in England and Wales, accounting for money paid into and out of court. Our work for the CFO illustrates how NS&I GPS helps government departments achieve the objectives laid out in the Government Transformation strategy 2017 – 2020 to ‘transform the relationship between citizen and state by delivering world-class digital services and transform the way government operates, from front to back office, in a modern and efficient way’. Read the more about the CFO case study on page 14 of the new brochure.

Our capabilities encompass every point on the customer journey, from enquiry to fulfilment, with the ability to bolt on bespoke processes – for example, eligibility rules and Evidence of Identity checks.

The Digital Dividend

The digital revolution is transforming the way we live our lives. For consumers, it has brought the ability, and expectation, to access services and perform transactions via the channel of their choice and at a time that suits them.

At NS&I, 92% of retail sales were conducted via digital channels by 2016, generating savings through automation and increased uptake of self-service options.

By moving with the times and embracing digital transformation, government departments can meet the growing demand for flexible, always-on service delivery while at the same time making real cost savings.

NS&I GPS transforms public sector payment systems by leveraging our modern banking engine. We are part of government, with an experienced team and proven solutions that power our success.

Download NS&I GPS’s new brochure to discover more about how we can help government departments achieve the benefits of digital transformation.

To learn more about how NS&I GPS can support government departments with transformation, please get in touch with the NS&I GPS team by email info@nsandi-gps.com or call 020 7932 6856.

1 May 2019
2 NS&I Annual Report 2018/19
3 As of May 2019

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