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NS&I is one of the largest savings organisations in the UK and NS&I Government Payment Services has a proven track record in successfully delivering efficient payment services.

NS&I is an executive agency of the Chancellor of the Exchequer with over 150 years of public service heritage. We are a savings and investments organisation with over £147 billion1 invested and over 25 million1 customers.

In 1999 NS&I outsourced its customer-facing operations to Atos (formerly Siemens), creating substantial savings for the UK taxpayer. The partnership combined a trusted public sector organisation with the latest technology and systems. Since then NS&I has invested considerably in people, processes and technology resulting in further savings and increased productivity and capabilities  while maintaining high levels of customer service.

In 2010 NS&I developed a new strategic goal: to harness the benefits of its capabilities, infrastructure and processes to create savings for other government bodies, for NS&I and ultimately for the taxpayer.

NS&I Government Payment Services was formed so that other parts of the public sector can now access NS&I’s modern banking engine, experienced people and honed processes that power its success.

1NS&I Annual Report 2016/2017


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